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Thank-you for for your interest in organic mattresses and bedding! We have decided to consolidate our Colorado organic mattress showrooms into one. You can now find us at 928 W. 8th Avenue in Denver. We started in Fort Collins, and want to thank Fort Collins for 12 great years of business. Based on the population numbers, and percentage of people looking for organics, Denver is a smarter choice for The Natural Sleep Store. We know it's an hour drive, but we genuinely hope we can still serve Fort Collins with our excellent customer service and our genuine product knowledge.


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Organic Mattresses on our Showroom Floor:

Green Sleep

Savvy Rest
green sleep savvy rest
Bella Sera Naturepedic
bella sera naturepedic
Sueno Suite Sleep
sueno suite sleep
Pacific Rim Bedworks of Maine
pacific rim bedworks
Earthweave Carpet Austin Air Purifiers
earthweave carpet austin air purifier